Welcome to Secrets of the North: A table-top GURPS tale set in an altered version of the World of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. Players assume the role of trusted council of House Ryswell, a noble Northern house that has risen to the forefront in the past half century or so. Numerous plots will be unfolding behind the scenes throughout the campaign, while the players will find their loyalties tested, hard choices to be made, and no true right or wrong way to go about any one situation.

Gameplay will be open ended after the introductory part which will consist of 1-3 sessions, leaving the players to choose how they go about things after the major setup for the world. The world will be harsh, both in its environment and the people that live within it, so being smart about what you say or do in a given situation is something to consider.

Regular journal updates will be made with a “worldly flair” to help keep tabs on the adventure thus far. Any extra work put into a character’s backstory, or even just the character in general, will receive bonuses in the form of specialized events, quests, and possible loot. These will benefit all of the players, so the more fleshed out characters the better. Other than that, I hope to finally have a consistently progressing game that both myself, and the players, find enjoyable.

Game of Thrones AU: Secrets of the North

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